Our history

La Casa di Babette has become a real “maison”, in a prestigious residence in square Santa Maria delle Grazie, in the heart of Milan da Vinci district.

The showroom overlooks the magnificent Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie, in whose ancient refectory in the spring of 1498 Leonardo Da Vinci completed “The Last Supper”, today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The showroom was born in 2008 from the passion for Architecture and Design of the owners Cinzia Russo and Fabio Inzani that have since inspired refined and demanding customers

The team of La Casa di Babette provides architects, designers and individuals with a complete consultancy service on various types of projects; Private residences, Hotels, Restaurants, Club & Bathing facilities, Boats, Private planes ​​ed Events.

The careful research of materials, fabrics, leathers, woods, wallpapers, metals, combined and used in an eclectic way, make La Casa di Babette the ideal place to create exclusive interior atmospheres.

From the idea to the development, from the selection and the purchase of the materials, up to the complete realization of the project, La Casa di Babette follows every client in all the phases of the project from the beginning to the end.


cinzia russo

Cinzia Russo

Cinzia Russo was born in Milan on August 8th 1964, Architect, she graduated at the Polytechnic of Milan in 1990, after an academic and designer course, founds in 2008 “La Casa di Babette”, consolidated reality in the Milan environment for the construction of luxury homes, yachts and hotels. Creative mind of the “show room – parlor” represents a valid help for professional architects and interior designers for the realization of unique mansions taking care of the choice of materials and their applications.

fabio inzani

Fabio Inzani

Fabio Inzani was born in Milan on August 13, 1964. Architect, he graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan in 1990, collaborates from 2008 to the success of “La Casa di Babette” as designer and CAD designer, he interfaces with professional architects and interior designers coordinating the construction and assembly phases.