Feng Shui and bio architecture

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Feng Shui and Bio Architecture


The principles of green architecture can also be applied starting from small-scale interventions such as the home environment, rather than the leisure environment.

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Bio-architecture arises from the principles of sustainability which is increasingly becoming a necessity to establish a balanced relationship between the environment and the built environment.


Bio-architecture and Feng Shui harmony

Environments that radiate positive energies

Cinzia’s specialization in bio-architecture, technological innovation and the knowledge of the materials that are best suited to this approach make it possible to carry out interventions indoor spaces that are based on the well-being of those who live there.

The approach, for those who wish, according to bio-architecture and the harmony of feng shui, an ancient oriental discipline aimed at making use of the energies that each material develops and releases into the environment, is certainly an aspect and a possibility to be discovered.