Choice of classic materials and techniques for interior decoration

Discover our service relating to the choice of classic materials and techniques

Choice of materials and classic techniques


The knowledge of materials from the most traditional to the most innovative allows “La casa di Babette” to be a reliable and competent partner.

The continuous search for materials for interior architecture ranges from woods, metals, leathers, glasses, paints, wallpapers, fabrics for furnishings, as well as the search for pieces of art, d antiques, modern antiques and contemporary accessories among the most sought after and refined.

Choice of Classic Materials Milan


Being able to create an alchemy between all these elements makes "Babette's house" unique in realizing projects, dreams that do not follow trends but love for "beauty".
When you rely on "La casa di Babette" you enter a world where you live unique tactile, visual, olfactory experiences, unique because they are "yours".